What’s a Quality Score? And why is it important for Google Ads?

By crystalmarketing | December 8th, 2021

In simple terms, Quality Score is a measure of relevance that Google utilizes to review your ad and measure its usefulness to your target audience.

A high-Quality Score is the result of organized and relevant keyword groups that link to quality content and landing pages that correlate with the ad’s message.

Continue reading to determine what comprises a Quality Score, why it’s so important, and how you can take steps to increase your Quality Score right now.

What’s a Quality Score?

A Quality Score is a diagnostic tool that measures your advert on a rating of one to ten, giving you an idea of how well you compare against your competitors. The Quality Score diagnostic tool can be broken down to a keyword level and used to optimize your ads, keyword selections, and landing pages.

The Quality Score is calculated based on the performance of three key components:

• CTR or expected clickthrough rate is the likelihood of your ad being clicked on when it is shown.

• Ad relevance measures how closely your ad matches what the user is searching for; and whether or not it meets the user’s requirements.

• Landing Page Experience gauges how valuable and relevant the information on your landing page is to the person who has clicked on your ad.

Each of these components is scored as ‘above average,’ ‘average,’ or ‘below average,’ based on the performance of your ad in comparison to your competitors.

Why is Google Ads Quality Score so important?

Analysis has revealed that Quality Score directly correlates with a company’s success in both Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. A quality score sets you up for a higher return on investment.

Benefits of improving Google Ads Quality Score

A higher Quality Score lowers your cost per click and your cost per conversion. A high-Quality Score tells Google that your ad is high-value and provides a good chance of meeting consumers’ needs who click the link. Therefore, Google will charge you less per click.

While a low-Quality Score isn’t the end of the world for your business, it certainly creates more advertising challenges, including higher click and conversion costs and increased difficulty in expanding your reach.

Your Quality Score provides a number that correlates with the rates you need to pay to rank on Google. For example, if your rank is one and your competitor ranks a ten, you would have to bid an amount ten times greater than them to rank above them.

How to Improve Quality Score

Research Keywords – Use research to compile highly relevant keywords to utilize in your ads and marketing. These can include long-tail phrases, which can help add weight to your overall traffic.

Organize Your Keywords – Once you have a suitable list of keywords, group them together as a tailored fit for each individual campaign.

Refine Your Copy – Use feedback to ensure that the content of your ad is engaging and suits the audience you are targeting. The expected clickthrough rate hinges on creativity and wording, inspiring actions and results. Think about the unique benefits that your product offers and have a clear marketing message for your call to action.

Optimize your Landing Page – As a brand, you want to create a cohesive experience for your customers. To do this, ensure that the messaging and values conveyed in your ad carry through to your website’s landing page.

Direct your traffic to a landing page closely related to the advert. If you offer a promotion, make sure that the promotion is visible on the landing page and that all of your buttons and links work correctly.

There are no shortcuts to increasing your Quality Score, but with careful research and by utilizing all feedback, you can optimize your ad copy to boost your rankings and the performance of your ads.

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