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We get it. Return on ad spend (ROAS) is key. Performance is our driver; we strive off seeing a great return, a great return for you is a win for us. How? We put our time and expertise into your account every. single. day. We constantly reassess what’s working and what’s not. We adapt and innovate. It’s simple: our dedication is what drives results. With decades of experience in social media marketing, we know how to increase your sales and leads and can’t wait to make this happen for you.

This is how we do it

We keep up to date on best practice and new approaches in the industry, as well as identify appropriate audiences for you, including those that have proven to be the most profitable. This helps to drive more sales at a lower cost over time.

We Identify your target audience and target them using advanced strategies to get your brand in front of the right buyers.

You don't ask someone to marry you on the first date, nor should we ask prospects to buy on our first interaction. Our methodology takes into consideration the buyer's journey for your product in order to make more sales with less investment.

Retargeting is essential to showing the right message, at the right time to drive them to purchase. Over time we use data to optimise and drive more sales volume without more spend.

Target your Lowest hanging Fruit

The best converting strategy that Your businesses should be doing Now!

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    Utilise your database

    these are full of users who already love your brand Don’t just email them offers – these have an opening rate of 10% to 20% . We will make sure the majority of users who don’t see your ads , are reached via ads on Facebook. These generate amazing ROI’s!

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    Interested in New Customers?

    No Problem, Our strategy involves utilising Facebook advanced targeting to a. Analyse your existing lists b. Find the characteristics that your current clients have c. Use this information – to find NEW users that match these characteristics

    You will surprised how powerful this strategy is if done correctly!

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    It takes time to convert a potential client & multiple touch-points. We create a retargeting strategy to show users the right messaging at the right time to ensure we provide them a great user experience and bring them closer to conversion. This will retarget not only your Facebook traffic but all your online traffic.

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Case Studies

“What Crystal Marketing have done for our business is nothing short of remarkable, they partner with your company and go above and beyond in terms of recommendations and advise. Their experience and knowledge really shows – Thankyou Crystal Marketing”

Tony Bulic

100 to 1 ROAS

Amin has been great to work with. Very honest, reliable & does a fantastic job. We highly recommend Amin & his team at Crystal Marketing!!

Managing Director
APT Plumbing

Hit KPI’s for Awareness

“A flexible & collaborative approach of working together meant our overall results have been outstanding. I would highly recommend them.”

Jack Sulliman
Adams & Rofe

Record low Cost per bookings from Facebook

“Crystal Marketing has been fabulous in helping us with our online marketing. We engaged them in February 2020  to assist with google & Facebook adverts just before COVID lock down began.

Over this period we noticed an increase instore traffic which was our brief and considering the circumstances extraordinary. We have continued to enjoy good traffic.

Amin is a professional, a good listener and has been of help ensuring we target the correct customer base, and at the same time working with in a budget.

We look forward to continuing to work with him.”

Adam Liebson
Owner of Orient House in Glebe

Store traffic increased significantly

The Difference is Crystal Clear

Clients we have managed


Do Facebook Ads work?

Yes they absolutely work.  But you have to make sure you have the right goal for your ads and that you are measuring the right things.

Facebook has some of the most highly targeted, lowest cost per click advertising available on the internet today.

It takes testing, a little patience, and more testing. Our strategies begin with small budget, quick wins & provide the opportunity to grow and scale.

Are Facebook Ads better than Google Ads?

Facebook Ads and Google Ads are fairly different in the way they target people.

Google targets based on what people are typing in the search right that moment (as well as demographics).

Facebook targets based on interests that people have in their profile (Pages people have liked, sites they have visited, and demographics targeting based on 3rd party data).

Most of our clients run both at the same time because they compliment one another. Why not use Facebook to retarget all your site visitors including from Google ads, or use Google to retarget everyone you interact with on Facebook.

We see Facebook generate lower cost leads then Google in many instances!

How long should I run my Facebook Ads?

You should run your ad as long as it keeps converting or performing at the rate you want.  I’ve had clients where we are running the same ad for months and it still continues to perform.

If you see the performance start to get worse over a period of days and don’t seem to be bouncing back then you can switch tactics.  Sometimes a new image or running a new test can help.

Will my ads show on Instagram?

Yes they will, Facebook acquired Instagram and as a result when you advertise on Facebook you also will appear on Instagram. Facebook will then optimise your ads to show more often on the best performing platform.

Do I need to have creative made to run ads on Facebook?

Yes, which is why at Crystal Marketing we take pride on being an all inclusive service. We can have ads created for you at no additional charge. This makes the experience streamlined and removed any bottlenecks in getting live and generating sales.

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