4 Tips for Creating Effective Display Ads

By crystalmarketing | January 13th, 2022

When building an effective display ad for your brand, you need to consider the timing and targeting, format, usable brand kit, and overall design impact. These factors can dramatically affect the effectiveness of your ad.

Need to create a quality, conversion-driving ad campaign? Here are our four tips for creating effective display ads for your brand.

Timing and Targeting Are Important

Understanding who you need to see your ad is one of the most important preliminary steps of a successful campaign.

By placing your ads on the platforms most frequented by your target demographic, and effectively researching the appropriate keywords to attach to your ad campaign, you can increase conversion and lower the overall cost you sink into it.

You should also research when users are the most active. Getting a key time slot for your ad may be slightly more costly, but in the long run, will drive far more conversions. After all, you can only get clicks when there are people there to click.

Format Is Important

Display ads come in a variety of formats across various platforms. You need to account for this in your design process. A good tip here is to keep your text and your images separate; this allows your ad to be malleable without becoming unreadable.

You may also choose to design a few different versions of the same advertisement. Create your optimal vertical, square, horizontal, and compressed ad and submit the appropriate format if possible. If not, then be sure to preview your ad before it goes live and tweak it as necessary to make it as clean and clear as possible.

Consistent Brand Kits Are Key

When creating your ad, keep a consistent brand kit, the selection of colors, images, and fonts associated with your brand. A good brand kit makes you more memorable to your audience and more appealing, encouraging clicks.

The color palette should be varied enough to implement across multiple designs. Your fonts should be clear and easy to read, matching well together when presented on a page. You should also have a clear and consistent brand logo on a transparent background. This will allow you to watermark images.

Less Is More in Ad Design

The final tip we have for you may seem somewhat counter intuitive: keep your ad simple.

While you may be tempted to include detailed graphic design and as much information as possible, this might actually be detrimental to your ad. Remember, it’ll be viewed in passing by scrolling audiences. It needs to grab attention and intrigue as quickly as possible.

By simplifying your design to only key text and images, perhaps even to simple block colors, you can ensure that the focus is on your product and your ad isn’t glossed over as an attractive sidebar. Having excellent sales copy can send your audience to your landing page; that’s where you go into detail.


Creating an effective display ad doesn’t have to take a huge team of marketing vets. Instead, you just need to understand who’s seeing it and when, what they’re going to see, and how you’re going to get them to look.

As long as you use these tips, your next ad campaign will be as efficient and effective as you want it to be.

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